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I'm Jonathan Stephens: Author, Teacher, Learner, Web Designer, Traveler, Husband, and Truth-seeker.

T.V. Show I Wish Was Still on The Air
Inspector Gadget: Brain was the best.
Runner-up: X-Files

Fastest I've Ever Toiletpapered A House
30 seconds. It was beautiful. The guy was even waiting in his living room for us, and by the time he noticed we'd started, we were already running to the getaway car.

Furthest I've been from Home
Munich (A.K.A. München), Germany - summer 2003. It's funny how we Americans say everyone else's cities the wrong way.

Most Expensive Article of Clothing
A $100 leather jacket I found marked down from $275 at Robinsons May. Yes, Robinsons May.

Last Time I Sleepwalked (A.K.A. somnambulism)
Freshman year in high school I woke up naked, walking through my living room, clothes strewn all over the floor. Okay, maybe I shouldn't have shared that, but my delete key is too far away. So you're stuck with that image.

Place I Want to Live Most
Right now, Vancouver, Washington. It's b-e-a-utiful.

Prior Jobs that no doubt changed the world as we know it
Substitute teacher - Dictator for a Day
High School English teacher - Warden
Day Camp - Electric Fence Supervisor
Toys 'R Us - Christmas Serf
Mountain Bike Shop - Shipping Cave Dweller
Performing Arts Theatre - Printer of Tickets
Janitorial Staff - Scraper of Solidified Gum
Realtor's Assistant - Leaflet Litterer
Recycling Route - Homeless man's Aluminum can Competition

Why I Write
My compulsion to write stems from my belief that truth does exist in the world. People either like that or they don't, but in their heart of hearts they all know it's there. For me, I'm tempted to believe that truth is relative when it's either going to offend someone or not feel comfortable for me. It's that belief, along with my enjoyment of the writing process and product, that spurs me to write with one hand and fend off pedanticism (My $2 word for the day) with the other.