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27 September 2012 @ 06:26 am
The Revision Process  
This June, I finished writing my 4th unpublished novel, BUMMIN' IT. And I saw that it was good.

I then spent the rest of summer revising it. And I saw that it was good.

Now, I'm not going to look at it again until Thanksgiving, which feels like a long time, but I know it still might not be enough time. This time, I printed and bound 10 copies so they looked like actual books and gave them to my beta readers. They are all at various stages of reading through the novel and critiquing it, and I'm so very excited to hear their thoughts.

Even if they say it needs tons of work. Because that means I need to put in tons of work. This novel deserves the work. And I suppose when I really get down to it, my first 3 novels deserved the work too. And I put in a lot of work. But it wasn't the kind of work I'm ready to put in now.

I don't know what's changed in my brain, but something has changed. Maybe it's because of the choice I had to make when #3 EYES LIKE GODS didn't get picked up by an agent. That was hard to start writing again. I had really worked hard to get better. I had studied other novels, read writing books, been active in my critique group for years. But that didn't make the rejection any easier.

I DID eventually make the decision, though, and I wrote again. I wrote another novel. And if this one doesn't get picked up, I'll write another, and another. But before I write novel #5, I've gotta put in the time of patience until I hear back from my readers and start the long haul of revision again. I'm up for it this time. I'm totally willing to revise big chunks. Whatever needs to go. Whatever needs to be added. I'll do it.

But now I'm waiting.

And reading. Because like Stephen King says, "Reading is writing."
aprilhenryaprilhenry on September 29th, 2012 03:40 am (UTC)
It was my fourth book that got published. Letting things rest is a good idea. Good luck.