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29 January 2006 @ 09:08 pm
E. Lockhart's THE BOYFRIEND LIST (4 stars)  

Yes, I confess I felt a wee bit strange sitting in Barnes and Noble reading E. Lockhart's novel THE BOYFRIEND LIST. I mean, really, what hetero 26 year old male in his right mind wouldn't feel that way?

1) It's called THE BOYFRIEND LIST, which I wear my hair the right way and sit alone shouts something other than hetero to the world.

2) If my aura is shouting something other than hetero, then how do people rationalize my wedding ring? A transparent coverup?

3) The cover has a cutesy little ceramic frog on it, which don't get me wrong, I thought fit perfectly with the novel and all. But having dainty green frogs still doesn't make me comfortable.

4) When I open the book to read, the inside lapels of the dust jacket are pink. Pink! 26 year old hetero males don't read pink books. Or do they? And if they do, then I want to hear your stories about them. Where in the world do I have to go (besides the B&N where I'm no longer reading the book) to see a late twenty-somethings male (assumed hetero) reading a pink book?

"Why are you reading the book?" someone asked me. I read the book because:

A) I read Y.A. because I write Y.A.

B) At writing group one week, Y.A. author of the forthcoming BETTER THAN YESTERDAY and SOCIAL CLIMBER'S GUIDE TO HIGH SCHOOL Robyn Schneider recommended it to me.

C) In one way (and only one as far as I can tell), Ruby Oliver is similar to Abe Prince (the MC from my novel-in-progress, NORMAL FOR ONCE.

All things considered, I loved the story. Ruby comes to life like few characters I've had the privilege or prison sentence of reading, and I fell headlong with her into her struggles.