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05 May 2008 @ 05:48 pm
Gary Paulsen's HATCHET (4 stars)  
Thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson knows the Secret. His mom is seeing another man, and his dad doesn't know. See . . . his parents are divorced -- his mom lives in the States, and his dad lives in Canada.

That's why Brian is on an airplane is flying to Canada. He's going to visit his father. But when something goes wrong aboard the small Cessna bushplane, Brian finds himself in the worst possible situation.


In the middle of the woods in Canada. A dead pilot. The only survivor is Brian.

The story that follows is pure adventure and growing up as Brian learns what he's made of. "You are your most valuable asset. Don't forget that. You are the best thing you have." In the face of wild animals, extreme weather, hunger, sickness, and all the doubting voices in his head, Brian discovers the beauty of the outdoors, the quiet noise of nature, and a deeper courage than he ever imagined he had.

HATCHET is dedicated to the students of Hershey Middle School and is certainly fit for middleschoolers, but readers of all ages will enjoy Brian's struggle with nature and himself and will root for him the whole way.

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